Online survey: check out the results !

Thanks to all those who helped us carry out our survey on our tech habits; as promised, here are the results :

Out of 107 people who answered, a little more than 70% have their own computer, which is not surprising in 2018.

About half of the youngsters use their computer only 5 times a week. We thought there would be more teens using their computer at least 10 times a week.

Unsurprisingly, half of them use it for fun and few of them for school. A large majority preferred browsing the Internet with their smartphone and admitted being active on social media and 50% confessed they use Snapchat first.

A majority of youngsters also conceded they play video-games online or on a game console but we didn’t ask them how long they spent on it. In our class, few  students play on weekdays, most of them prefer playing at weekends.

Finally, almost half of the people surveyed think that they are not addicted to social networks and a majority of parents agree on the time spent by their children in front of a screen !

All in all, we were not much surprised by the results…but a little worried 🙂